Los Plantronics/ Bendik Brænne / Bastard

Aiaiaiaiai! FIESTA! Bastard throws yet another big birthday party, we are turning 9! Tradition close to our heart, we've invited the best partymakers and firestarters, our two favorite bands: Los PLantronics and Bendik Brænne & The Country Swindlers joined by the charming dancers Las Cariocas. 

Both bands are playing both friday and saturday, but in different constellations with different sets. For a full experience, we strongly recommend that you attend both nights!

Bendik Brænne and The Swindlers 

Twice Spellemanspris winner (2014, 2018) multiinstrumentalist, singer, songwritter and artist, Bendik Brænne blends many genres in his music with a country/americana flair. 
We have been waiting to years to get Bendik Brænne to Bastard and now we finally got him! Hah! Don't miss it!
Here is what Helge Skog had to say, in much better words, about Bendiks last album "The Last Great Country Swindle" : https://www.itromso.no/feedback/anmeldelser/2017/09/01/En-orgie-av-skaml%C3%B8s-fantasi-15236323.ece

Los Plantronics

The ambassadors of Trash and Twang. Definatelly the best party orchestra that Norway (if not the world) has to offer, this band swallows you whole and spits you out feeling like you got hit by a bus,leaving you dwelling in happiness. Best mariachi band in the whole world, THIS MUST BE EXPERIENCED LIVE! 
“They call their music ‘Mariachi Death Surf’, but it’s so much more. Spaghetti westerns (inc. horns), Link Wray twang, tex mex, Cramps, exotica, and garagepunk are all tossed into one redhot stew, and one third of the tunes features vocals from their masked drummer, one badass dude!” – Jens/Lowcut Magazine (dk)
Check Out their amazing webpage: http://www.losplantronics.com/


ID 20 år. Til enkelte konserter kan personer under oppgitt aldersgrense komme inn i følge med voksen person som fungerer som verge.  Dette må avtales med Bastard før billetter kjøpes.


Aldersgrensen på denne konserten er 20 år.
Ubrukte billetter refunderes ikke.